Shamanic Services


Journeying for Guidance - Instruction

Journeying is a meditative experience facilitated generally by drumming.  An intention for the gaining of information is set and a decision is made as to whether one is going to the upper, middle or lower worlds.

Journeying allows you to enter a parallel world to receive accurate guidance on life situations, Learning this powerful practice helps you gain clarity and insight into any number of life challenges "from medical issues to difficult family dynamics to imbalanced relationships..."  

The power of shamanic journeying can connect you with many sources of guidance and inspiration so you can tap into your own intuitive gives to manifest positive outcomes for yourself and others.

Shamanic Healing Session

Shamanic healing sessions evolve out of the needs of the client. Journeying or other counseling conversation may be appropriate.  Other times energy clearing or grounding may be more suitable.  

Discovering and the deepening of relationships with our guides including power animals or totems is regular session work. Intuitive reading using any of a variety of Shamanic Oracle cards is possible. Dream work / dream analysis as well as Heart work are including in the Shamanic Menu. The identification and cutting or release of energetic cords may clear the way for spiritual progress and healing.   

Soul retrieval and shamanic Reiki as well as clearing the energies of hones and work spaces and the blessing of those spaces are among DHS services.

Munay Ki Rites

The Munay Ki consists of the nine ancient rites of passage that are required to become an evolved form of our species, "Homo Luminous" These rites are traditionally given over many years of study and practice to apprentices of the Medicine Away in the high mountains of Peru.  The "Laika" are now offering these to anyone wishing them in order to help us evolve into "Keepers of the Earth."  these rites are offered with no required tuition... One determines the 'love offering"  as flows from your personal heart experience

Deepen the Rites occurs by honoring and feeding the "seeds" and living the great principles. 

*Non-violence: Bring no harm to yourself or others

*Truthfulness: Be true to your work and let your word be true.

*Integrity: Do not steal, not even a glance: walk your talk.

*Moderation: Use wisely the life force within you.

*Generosity: Give more than you take for nothing in the world belongs to you.

Date in June - October are yet to be firmly identified.

Shamanic Studies - an introduction

Classes currently available for individual instruction include:  

*  Introduction to the Shaman's Journeying

*  Introduction to Shamanism 

* Animal Guides & Mother Earth 

* Dream Wisdom

Sessions and Services

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Shamanic Services FAQs

Fees are based on the nature of the service request.  

Healing sessions range between $75-$95. Contracted session time is a determining factor.  

Clearing and Blessing Ritual visits in person to your site  are $125.