Reiki Sessions & Education

Reiki - What is it?

Reiki means "universal life source energy." 

REIKI is a spiritual and vibrational healing practice that promotes balance on every level - body, mind and spirit, 

An individual session is offered through non-invasive, light touch to a fully-clothed client.  

It is a healing practice that enables people to access their own unique spirituality without dogma.  

Spirituality and medicine are intertwined; health is not seen as merely lack of disease. Rather, spiritual development is valued as the cornerstone of overall health.


Private Individual Sessions

Private sessions are usually approximately an hour long -allowing for pre and post session talk. 

There is no manipulation of the body nor any direction of energy. A connections is provided through which the healing pulsations spontaneously are activitated according to the need of the receiver.  

Holding the intention 'to receive what is needed in this moment in time for the highest good" is important. 

No  diagnosis is needed and the treatment plan varies little in each session.  It is the time and direction provided in the "oneness" energetic connection that in personal and individual.

Remote Reiki Sessions

Distance or time are not deterrents to experiencing Reiki.

Communication before a scheduled session could take place in writing or by phone. Remote sessions are generally 30 minutes in length- The practitioner offers guidance about find a time to enjoy a relaxed quiet location where there would be no disturbance or distraction. 

Generally there is an agreed upon time frame  tho intention is  important here as well. Openness to receive what is need in this moment in time is also the important intention.. 

It is not uncommon for healing relaxation to lead to a deep relaxing sleep. Session follow up is generally on a different day. 

Reiki is healing but not medicine in the sense that is not directed toward a specific goal.

How does one learn REIKI?

Reiki being a spiritual practice with a relationship / interactive component, choosing a teacher and taking a class is the best way to learn Reiki and be supported in the deepening of your practice. You will want to chose a teacher who is "doing her/his own work" and is an experienced practitioner as well as an experienced instructor.  

Reading a book, watching YouTube videos or enrolling in online courses provide information. But, they are lacking on the side of interaction, and personal energy experience. Also missed is the energy experience of "Reiju / Blessing". Short cuts generally leave one feeling short changed.

At DHS, Christine Lassota continues to deepen her personal spiritual practice by daily work and investing in additional class experiences with learned teachers and mentors. She is  certified to teach a number of westernize forms of Reiki [Usui Tibetan Reiki / Karuna Reiki / Holy Fire Reiki  v.2] She most recently has been studying the Japanese art of Reiki known as Usui Reiki Ryoho.  Shodan Reiki 1, Okuden Reiki 2 and Shinpiden Reiki 3 are regularly offered at DHS.  Taking her responsibilities serious, DHS hosts regular Reiki Share networking opportunities and Reiki Clinic Days. 

Call to schedule a free mini consultation. Experiencing a Reiki session can also help you too determine if a Reiki class at DHS is right for you. 847-420-2797

The techniques associated with Reiki are amazingly simple to learn

with the foundation for the practice being experienced thru a series of technique instructional and meditative  experienes where in the student taps into an unlimited supply of life force energy and one's "internal physican" to improve one's health and enchance the quality of life.   One learns by hands on and open hearted experience,  And by the support and additional experience gained in networking opportunities called "Reiki Shares" which are sponsored regularly at Dream Heart Services in Rolling Meadows, IL.

Just for Today-Mikao Usui

Mikao Usui Sensei is the acknowledged founder of Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai [Aug 18, 1865 - March 9, 1926] 

Mikao Usui offered the following as instruction and encouragement - practitioners are to daily chant and reflect on the following: 

" The secret art of inviting happiness -

 the miraculous medicine of all dis-eases...


Do not be angry. 

Do not worry and be filled with gratitude.  

Devote yourself to your work and 

be kind to every living beng {including yourself).  

Every morning and every evening join your hands in prayer, 

pray these word to your heart and 

chant these words with your mouth."

Class FAQs

Reiki 1 group classes are 2 day experiences - usually from 10am-5pm Class Tuition for Reiki 1 - Shoday is $185

In addition, each student is expected to take responsibility for scheduling a one and a half hour follow up mentoring session with the instructor.  When: about 21 days [3 weeks] or not more than  42 days [6 weeks] after the class.  

This mentoring appointment provides an integration and check in opportunity and is included in the class tuition. A suitable for framing certificate for each level is presented at the end of the mentoring session.   

An official manual is provided for each class level. Materials currently being used are the preparation of IHR [the International House of Reiki].

Students are provided with  information for procuring a required instruction CD set/also available as a download important to skills development and the deepening and refining of techniques.  

Reiki 3 is a three full day intensive offered one-two times annually.   Shinpiden-Reiki 3 at DHS is next schedule: January 3-4-5, 2019.  Dates beyond the early January dates have not yet been determined. Shinpiden-Reiki 3 Tuition is $595

Reiki 1 is offered monthly. Private instruction is also available.

Reiki 2 is offered 3-4 times annually.

Okuden Reiki 2 Tuition is $185, Payment can be made by cash, check, money order, PayPal, Credit/Debit card, 

Information/registration forms are available on request. 

A free mini session and consultation is offered on request as the choice of a Master Teacher is an important one.