Hypnosis - All Hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis


Consultations and Hypnosis Sessions

A 30 minute free consultation to determine a client's suitability for hypnosis is a the beginning of an initial meeting.  The first meeting is there 90 minutes long and subsequent sessions are 60 minutes.

If it is determined that the client is a candidate for a successful hypnosis experience, the conversation determines the goal(s) for the hypnosis session(s). The actual hypnosis experience is approximately one hour.

Scheduling and Pre-Visit Notes

After your scheduling phone conversation, you can expect to receive a packet contained: 

* a letter confirming the session day, time 

* two copies of a Client Bill of Rights - you sign and return one copy with your completed New Client Information

* travel directions sheet and parking instructions 

Every attempt will be made to accommodate your scheduling request. Prep materials are sent (a) via email and (b) by USPS.    

No computer, no email, no printer … NO PROBLEM. Hard copies will be mailed and scheduling taking into account what you know to be the usual delivery time frame in your area.

***** IMPORTANT PHYSICAL CONSIDERATION: AVOID for 5-6 hours prior to you appointment all CAFFEINATED PRODUCTS [Coffee, most teas, Chocolate etc.] Stimulation connected with caffeinated items interferes with the ability to enter into a state of deep relaxation. *****

Smoking Cessation and Weight Management

When client WELLNESS GOALS are focused on smoking cessation or weight management, note that you are being asked to commit to a multi-session treatment.  

Smoking Cessation requires 3 sessions. No fewer that 2 days apart / No more than a week apart.

The recommendation for Weight Management hypnosis is 5 sessions. No fewer than 3 days apart and no more than a week apart.

That multi session process insures a higher rate of success in achieving one's goal.  It Is also the standard when either of these WELLNESS GOALS experiences are offered a group class format.

Past Life Regression

Description to be added.

Parts Therapy

Description to be added.

Goals of Releasing, Increasing, Managing

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